ISLAND are a brilliant London-based four-piece band that formed in Oxford.

Rollo Doherty (vocals, guitar), James Wolfe (bass guitar), Jack Raeder (guitar), and Toby Richards (drums) began various bands of the folk/indie variety, before fine-tuning their sound, and starting to play shows earlier this year. Think Foals, think early Arctic Monkeys, and immediately, the shoe-gazing, trip-hopping timbre of South East England springs to mind. Although now residing in London, the calibre of ISLAND isn’t a far cry from such bands. With ebbs and flows that spellbind, peak, and evolve, the four-piece create music that breathes range within its songs, and simply, just breathes.

ISLAND arrive with this their bold four track debut EP. A beautifully varied introduction, self-written and produced, the record boasts a cinematic and ethereal sound, at times gritty and others a mature sensitivity.

Title track  ‘Girl’ catches you unaware, by the jugular, just as you’re eased into a false sense of calm while their debut single ‘Stargazer’, which met acclaim and went globally viral at #7 on Spotify, along with ‘I’ve Been Searching’ highlights the bands ability to make the mind wonder.

Mellow, not melancholy, their deep rhythms roll with light and shade that’s uplifting and makes you want to move, but no sooner will have you stood still and beguiled in their scenic musicality.

“A direct reminder of how mellowed-out, heartfelt songwriting can still hit like a ten-tonne truck,” – DIY

“I couldn’t imagine a more spellbinding introduction,” – Euphoria Magazine

“The band’s live shows boil and bubble with a nascent energy,” – CLASH

Pre-order Girl digitally and on limited edition vinyl from iTunes.
Released 27th November.

Artwork: Eddie Wrey

I’ve Been Searching
Nighttime Written Blues