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RBMA Radio: Guru & DJ Premier

Red Bull Music Academy throughout the year and previous years has put up some great lectures video and radio shows from previous music academy terms, demonstrating that their energy drinks aren’t the only stimulant for elevation.

Either of you check out the RBMA Video Archive or  RBMA Radio, it’s a great place to listen to your favourite artists talk music and their most influnentail tracks.

The selection in artists, whether established or breaking, that the academy champion mean even if you’re not necessary the biggest fan of the genre from which those artists stem you are sure to be introduced to some brilliant music.

In light of recent events with rapper Guru’s death, we highly recommend you listen back to two separate RBMA Radio shows with Guru and Dj Premier and also a lecture video with the legendary producer in New York. Be sure to check the radio playlist for some great music recommendations too. (See below)

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Guru on RBMA Radio
Dj Premier on RBMA Radio

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